Dating radiologist

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What do you do for a living? Radiology is using technology and a variety of imaging techniques to look at the human body and diagnose problems. Quick Facts! How much do radiologists make a year?
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Fracture Dating

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How Old Is This Fracture? Radiologic Dating of Fractures in Children - vRad

Name the time in gestation when ultrasound is most accurate 2. Discuss the ACOG recommendations for redating a pregnancy based on trimester. Postgraduate Institute for Medicine PIM requires instructors, planners, managers and other individuals who are in a position to control the content of this activity to disclose any real or apparent conflict of interest COI they may have as related to the content of this activity. PIM is committed to providing its learners with high quality CME activities and related materials that promote improvements or quality in healthcare and not a specific proprietary business interest of a commercial interest.
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What does a radiologist do?

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