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In , Robert Boyle discovered the volume and pressure of gasses are inversely proportionate when held at a constant temperature. Put simply, when volume rises, pressure drops, and vice versa. This has become a basic principle in chemistry, now called "Boyle's law," and is included as a special case in the more general ideal gas law. Using a vacuum pump invented by Otto von Guericke in , Boyle carried out experiments investigating the properties of air and the vacuum. During his experiments, he stumbled upon the greatest achievement of his life.
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Shared lesson activities for Gay-Lussac's Law: Gas Pressure and Temperature Relationship

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Avogadro's law states that, at the same temperature and pressure, equal volumes of all gases have the same number of molecules. The volume increases as the number of moles increases. It does not depend on the sizes or the masses of the molecules. One mole of an ideal gas occupies Thus, its molar volume at STP is If we add 0.
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Boyle's Law Examples in Real Life

Chapter 1 Chapter 1: The Chemical World 1. Everybody enjoys the smell and taste of freshly-baked bread. It is light and fluffy as a result of the action of yeast on sugar.
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Gay-Lussac was the eldest son of a provincial lawyer and royal official who lost his position with the French Revolution of His father sent him to a boarding school in Paris to prepare him to study law. Although the school was designed primarily to train engineers, chemistry formed an important part of the curriculum. Gay-Lussac proved to be an exemplary student during his studies there from to
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