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She is a nurse and Leslie Knope 's best friend. Ann is far more mature and responsible than Andy, who remains lazy, spoiled, and unemployed. This leads to an angry confrontation, and eventually the two break up, much to Andy's despair. After Andy, Pawnee city planner Mark Brendanawicz Paul Schneider fell into the construction pit at the end of season one and is nursed by Ann during his time at the hospital. The two develop a romantic interest in each other and start dating only after Leslie, who previously harbored feelings for Mark, assures Ann she is fine with the pairing. However, she continues to date Mark, unsure of what her true feelings are for him.

Mark Brendanawicz

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This article contains spoilers for the Parks and Recreation show. Continue at your own risk. Ann Meredith Perkins is one of many main characters in the first six seasons and a guest character in the seventh season in the NBC comedy-drama Parks and Recreation. She is a nurse and best friends with Leslie Knope.

Parks & Recreation: Every Main Character Ranked From Worst To Best

Parks and Rec has arguably one of the best casts in sitcom history with tons of fantastic actors playing unforgettable characters. It even has one of the best intro sequences in recent memory. But the big focus in this quiz is on the characters that make Parks and Rec a fantastic show.
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