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Things to Consider Before Pool Fencing and Cost by Fence Installation Austin TX

When you are thinking about pool fence installation Austin TX, you will think about the things you will have to consider and, of course, its cost. Let us assist you today with all of these things:

Things You Should Take Seriously Before Pool Fence Installation 

Some people may think, I will install my pool fence; why should I think about it? But you should when you will have plenty of benefits from your pool fence. Of course, the fence and gate of your poolside will narrow down the space. The distance of your fence should be a minimum of 24 inches from the pool’s water to walk beside your pool freely. Besides, the distance between the water and pool fence should not be less than 18 inches when a swimmer needs enough room to pull himself from the water and come out.

Decorate The Pool Side

When your pool is beautiful, you should also make the space with it beautiful to increase the moment of enjoyment. You can create a beautiful area with different materials like stones, paver, concrete, stamped concrete, etc. The pool gate and fence need to be very firm. So, the thickness should be 4 inches, and the width should be 6 inches. If you can maintain this, the fence will be very long-lasting.

Designing Your Pool Fence 

Generally, if you install your pool fences in straight lines, it is good for you. But it is not always possible because it will not match the design of your pool. To make the pool look more beautiful, you should sometimes bend and curve your fence. Try to make the plan of the pool fence suitable for your yard. Usually, many fence installers follow to turn the fence in 45-degree, which makes the fences unique and safe, durable, and match your premises.

Utilize The Concrete Footings

There will be grass and dust on the path of your fence. So, you should utilize the concrete footings for each fence post. The footings will be at a distance of 3 feet. In addition, you should install the gate in solid concrete or stone.

Height Of the Existing Structure

When installing your pool fence, you may have some previous structures such as a wall, fence, etc. The required height of these structures is 5 feet. It will balance the pool fence height too.

Some Other Things 

The distance of your pool fence should be a minimum of 36 inches. It may be the same for anything near your fence, like the kitchen, garden, etc. Leveling the surface will ensure safety and increase the property’s beautiful look—the path you can style by following some specific techniques. The power lines like gas, electricity, sprinklers, etc., may be under your pool fence.

Be careful when you deal with them. Of course, consult with a professional to make your fence installation safe. Cut any trees near the fence where the kids of the house can’t climb and enter through the fence in the pool alone. Keep the pool gate closed when you are not around it. So that the pet and kids cannot suddenly enter and fall into the pool.

Costs of Fence Installation      

Installing a pool fence is a long-time investment for you as you will not install it every day. It ensures your safety. To determine the cost, you have to think about some sides. The average pool fence cost may start from $1,400 to $2,500 based on the materials, height, area, etc. You may need to spend $15 to $20 per foot. In addition, the cost will be from $300 to $500 for a gate.

Final Words

The fencing company travisfencing.com pool fence installer will know best about the installation process to provide you with a beautiful pool fence. Besides, the installers can also consult with you about the materials which will give durability with affordable options. You can choose any design for your pool fence according to your taste. It will be best if the design fits well with the design of your house!