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Dating in high school can be a very, very confusing time. It's hard trying to sort out your love life and familiarize yourself with the rules and insecurities you feel in a relationship, along with balancing school work and social circles. It's perfectly fine to feel insecure and unsure of what is expected of you and how you should take certain phrases or situations. High school is a time of trying to figure out how the world works and the start of finding who you are. My love life in high school was less the spectacular.

Signs She Wants A Relationship With You

Should You Date Your Friend’s Ex-Girlfriend? | The Modern Man

To learn how to turn those platonic friendships into something more intimate, check out the following tips on how to start dating a friend. What you want is to get the girl to see you as a sexual being with your own wants and desires. How do you do this? By sprinkling in comments about sex and dating into your conversation.

Getting out of the Friend Zone

Relationships are complicated in and of themselves, but when it comes to turning a friendship into a romance, the transition can be especially tricky. With your feelings, and of course, a friendship at stake, dating a friend you've known for years can be the best — and most terrifying — thing ever. Needless to say, the deciding factor is whether or not your feelings are returned, and whether you gain a significant other or lose a close confidant. But while the future may be uncertain, experts say that there is a way to cross the line cautiously so as not to catch your crush off-guard and, at the very least, preserve your friendship if the attraction isn't mutual.
Then, all of a sudden, it happens. Your BFF starts dating that person that you had already expressed interest in. What gives? It can easily leave you feeling hurt, confused, betrayed, and angry all at once — and understandably so. Not only are you dealing with the fact that someone else is dating the person you like, but that someone is your best friend.

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