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Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. As a white kid growing up in a largely Chinese suburb of Toronto, I spent much of my time thinking about Asian girls. Back then, the term was shorthand for someone white who had a crush on someone Asian, and at our school, it applied to the girls as much as it did the boys. To me, it was just another form of teasing that I threw into my sizable trashcan of forgotten terms, lying dormant all these years—until now. To some, its subtext is heavily charged.

5 Reasons Why Asian Girls Love White Men

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I will make you to take off your shoes in my house. And never, ever try to get on the bed with your shoes on. I like to use chopsticks in new and interesting ways. Having been taught to use chopsticks before I learned to speak, I consider them to be the best utensils. I don't understand why anyone would eat Flaming Hot Cheetos without chopsticks keeps the Cheetos dust from getting on the fingers.


Koreans do not always have a chance to experience first love, or mutual sympathy during adolescence, as is customary in our country. Due to constant study from am to pm at school, then from pm and until night in various courses and employment, Korean teenagers for the most part can only dream of a prince or princess, because in the first place there is still education in this country. However, things change a lot when student life begins. It is considered very natural for a beautiful Korean girl to meet as many guys as possible before marriage. However, because of this, you should not label them, because this craving for relationships for Korean women is only compensation for an unsuccessful adolescence period, completely overwhelmed with stress and study.
In my life, I've often encountered a certain type of Western guy who was attracted to Asian women. He tended to be older, white and yes, creepy. I wanted to know why, so I set out to make a documentary.

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