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There are viral things that anyone — everyone — can love. And of course, the stuff too disgusting to mention in polite conversation. That last category — the gross one — is where the poo-flip video belongs. As of Thursday night, the Poo Flip has amassed more than 7. I am going to describe it now.

Men Taking A Dump - Сток картинки

Men Taking A Dump - Сток картинки - iStock

Ejaculation: I remember when I first started masturbating, right around your age. For the longest time I only ejaculated a drop or two and, like you, it really oozed out more than squirting. Now it turns out that both of us, you and me, started ejaculating just like pretty much every other young man does. But here's the tricky part: Neither one of us knew that. I didn't know it was perfectly normal because I had no idea what to expect. You didn't know it was perfectly normal because

Video: Straight men touch another penis for the first time

What happens when men who identify as straight are given the opportunity to touch another man's penis for the first time? The Huffington Post: Where did the idea for the video come from? The reactions have varied from video to video, and many of the comments show the extremely varying ways we look at men and women as it relates to sexuality. How hard was it to find straight-identified men who would agree to be in the video?
There are two types of people in this world: those who are completely obsessed with pimple-popping videos, and those who probably just gagged reading that. If you're in the latter group, the following article may not be for you, and you should probably proceed to reading about something as far away from pimple-popping as possible. Here's Hugh Jackman angrily shouting compliments at John Cena.

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