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I don't want this to sound like a rant, but it kinda sorta is. Has anyone noticed the influx of unfriendly gay couples on cruises? I mean I can sort of understand why a lot of gay couples are unfriendly or maybe dismissive. Maybe they are on a honeymoon, or just want a vacation together without any other men in the way, but it just sucks when you try to interact with other gay men on a "straight" cruise, and they just put their nose in the air at you. Maybe it has to do with the cruise line?

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However, a number of friends went on the Pied Piper post-Thanksgiving cruise and had a wonderful time, and not one of them would be considered young except maybe at Tropics on Friday night. Its tours also tend to be a bit more reasonably priced than all-gay ships, so I decided to take a chance. The fact that I had a number of friends on the same cruise and there were early sign-up incentives clinched the deal. Pied Piper was good about communicating and giving updates and I was invited to join a Facebook page devoted to the group and got to know the personality of some of my fellow travelers that way. No sooner were we underway than there was a get acquainted party for the Pied Piper group.

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