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You're not Australian unless you've fooled at least one American into believing drop bears exist. You know we're mostly just dunkin' on Cats in here. Did the Cars universe have a Car Jesus? Let's just assume from now on that your emails find me experiencing deep existential dread. That's how you move forward. I don't want to do my taxes, I want to be a frog.

I wonder...

The Official Tumblr for the LOV Dating Sim

I have tried to download the setting appointment but in the middle of the download it tells me "prohibited". Sooo I played the Grunkle dating sim by gfdatingsim and omg had it resparked my love for Stan. I decided to shift to using Lutris as an all-purpose game menu, which includes Swooning Over Stans! The background is from one of the art posts here, and the font is Gravitation Falls. I would have made the orange fade to black like in the original GF logo, but at that small a size, it would have looked…not great.

The Signs as Boyfriends:

Oh my God??? Thank you so much! Yes, absolutely submit them here! Thank you so much!! Yes, both of the skelebrothers are dateable!!!
I spent the majority of my teenage years and early 20s in a series of unhealthy relationships. My relationships were all unhealthy in very different ways, but there was one thing they had in common: they were unpredictable, and in a perverse way, that made them addicting. And after a while, when someone makes your heart pound every time you see them, your brain stops trying to learn the difference between attraction and fear.

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