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A list of my other works A Short Essay on Transgenderism Transgenderism is also referred to as "gender identity disorder" or "gender identity dysphoria. M2F refers to people born males who want to be female, and F2M refers to people born female who want to be male. This is not the same as crossdressing. People who crossdress like to wear clothing of the opposite sex at times , but are content with people the gender they were born. Crossdressing is basically a choice; people like to do that but can do without it if necessary.

Ranma is Gay

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Despite appearing to be a girl, Tsubasa, like most of Ukyo's suitors, is actually a male to female cross-dresser. Tsubasa means "wings," while "Kurenai" can be broken down into "nine," "passion," and "love" showing that Tsubasa is a very passionate person. Prior to the events of the series, Tsubasa attended an all-boys school [2] which was also attended by Ukyo at the time who'd disguised herself as a boy. Tsubasa quickly fell in love with Ukyo and began showering her with gifts, but Ukyo had no attraction to Tsubasa. Even after Ukyo left to find Ranma , Tsubasa still sent mountains of love letters to Ukyo, prompting Ukyo to send Tsubasa a letter explaining about her engagement along with a picture of Ranma's female form, thinking that if Tsubasa believes Ukyo to be male it wouldn't make sense for her to send a picture of the male Ranma. Now knowing who was Ukyo's love, Tsubasa decides to track down Ranma and sends her a challenge letter, stating that she will soon end Ranma's life. No sooner does Ranma finish reading the letter than Tsubasa finds her and begins to attack whilst disguised as a Mailbox.

Transgenderism and Ranma-chan/Ranko

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Content Warning: Discussions of transphobia, dysphoria, gender essentialism, queerphobia, toxic masculinity, and abusive parenting. A screwball martial arts comedy by the same author as Inuyasha , the manga ran from to , with a episode television adaptation that was one of the first anime series licensed in the US. It follows a sixteen-year-old martial artist named Ranma Saotome as he deals with a wild and wacky assortment of love rivals, magic curses, and truly ridiculous fighting styles.

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