Gay marriage divorce rates

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Lesbian couples are more than twice as likely to divorce as gay men, Government data suggests. As well as the overall number of divorces seeing their largest rise in 50 years, the data showed there were same-sex splits in - nearly twice as many as , when there were Of those same-sex couples who divorced last year, - 72 per cent - took place between women. There were between men.

Gay Divorce and Straight Divorce: The Difference

21 Amazing Gay Marriage Divorce Rate Statistics -

Cooper , the lead lawyer defending the voter-approved measure, how the recognition of same-sex marriages affected heterosexual couples. Apparently caught by surprise, Cooper, a former assistant attorney general under President Ronald Reagan, candidly answered that he did not know. Cooper will undoubtedly be better prepared to answer a version of the same question when he appears before the Supreme Court this week. The brief he filed with the court explains that the recognition of same-sex marriage disconnects marriage from procreation and that heterosexuals are less likely to procreate responsibly if gay couples are permitted to marry.

U.S. Homosexuality - Statistics & Facts

Over the past decade or so, divorce has gradually become more uncommon in the United States. Since , however, the decline in divorce rates has been largely confined to states which have not passed a state constitutional ban on gay marriage. These states saw their divorce rates decrease by an average of 8 percent between and States which had passed a same-sex marriage ban as of January 1, , however, saw their divorce rates rise by about 1 percent over the same period. The table below details the divorce rates for the 43 states that reported their divorce statistics to the CDC in both and
The exact number of same-sex married couples in the U. After all, about 96 percent of married tax filers file jointly, according to the Tax Policy Center. A new report from the center estimates in — the year same-sex marriage was legalized across the U. While married same-sex couples tend to have higher incomes, the income of male couples was more than 40 percent higher than that of straight couples and female couples.

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